Developer case studies.

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Case study one.

A development team sells a five unit in echo park.

1806-1814 Montana Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sold for $3,070,000. This was a record price for an Echo Park apartment building, which the highest price per unit and square foot that the area had seen.

Our team BRE Investment effectively marketed this unique property, which had no similar sold comparables to support our numbers, and helped the developer finalized the disposition of this project.

The partners cashed out and moved on to other development projects on the Eastside.

The problem we solved: "It can't sell for over $3m... it'll never happen."

Case study two.

A local developer sells a compact six unit in los feliz.

4211 Cumberland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sold for $1,750,000. This was a record price for an Los Feliz apartment building, especially when considering the size of the property.

Our team BRE Investment took marketed and sold this property for a local developer, who had concerns about whether or not it could sell the property in light of having recently purchased and renovated the property. 

The developer cashed out and purchased other properties to renovate.

The problem we solved: "Everyone sees what i paid. Should I wait to sell?"

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