Vision and Beauty. 

BRE Investment can see the beauty in any project. Whether it is land ready to be developed, fully occupied multifamily housing, or mixed use properties, we believe in your vision and look forward to making it happen with our expertise, area engagement, and team of professionals, and customized marketing plans. 

We see the future.

Knowledge and Trends.

BRE Investment works with a number of developers while bringing to the table unparalleled knowledge of Los Angeles' neighborhoods, trends, and market value.

Based on your needs we hone into an submarket or concept, and bring you the best opportunity the market has to offer.

We find the deal.

Full-Service Development.

Speak with BRE Investment about a full-service development plan for your real estate. We will work to manage your real estate needs throughout the entire process, buying, re-leasing or renting, and selling for commercial, mixed-use, and residential projects.

Developers work with our team because we bring a wealth of knowledge in all stages of the development cycle, and understand the importance of keeping a unified real estate marketing plan for the entirety of your project. 

We get the job done.