1466 Allison Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90026

I am proud to announce that after a very long and challenging escrow, my team successfully sold 1466 Allison for a record price this week.

This transaction took a great deal of care and attention to ensure that we had a successful sale for our clients, because they needed this sale to clear up major financial issues in their lives.

Never has one transaction had so much at stake AND had so many challenges in its way, but we stayed focus on making a difference, not a commission, and we never let the transaction go sideways or the buyer slip away. 

And the result, despite all odds and challenges, was we got the deal done and we sold for top dollar. 

Marketing Highlights:

  • Cold calling local owners and investors in Echo Park

  • Monthly postcards to property owners within a mile radius of the property

  • Advertising the property on our billboard at Sunset and Alvarado, which generated a lot of calls

  • Door knocking to let the local property owners know about the listing and to find buyers they might know

  • Hand delivering flyers to the local businesses on Sunset to spread the word

  • Placing flyers on car windshields on the streets in the immediate area

  • Numerous and continuous open houses every weekend (even after securing a buyer)

So through our beautiful and innovative marketing, we obtained numerous serious offers. And after strategic and thoughtful negotiating, we secured a buyer that was all cash and non-contingent at 100% list price.

Here are some highlights from the escrow:

The challenges:

  • There was no comparable sale in Angelino Heights / Echo Park to support our list price

  • There were bankruptcy proceedings that dragged out and jeopardized the sale

  • There was a missing loan pay-off from Countrywide, that was about 10 years old

  • There were highly emotional and difficult tenants living in the house that didn't want to move out

The successes:

  • We created a record sale in the Angelino Heights / Echo Park, driving up values for everyone else wanting to sell or refinance

  • We persuaded our amazing title team at North American Title (Debi Kroman and Nader Choudry) to get an exemption on a 14-day bankruptcy wait period, in order to record the sale (it's complicated)

  • The title company, escrow company and lender (in dispute) agreed to a hold-back for a disputed loan amount

  • Despite the tenants socially bashing me and our team as "real estate scum" we negotiated they would receive $20K cash for keys to move out 30 days earlier than legally required

  • And finally, we sold for 100% list price at $1,175,000 all cash

We all learned a lot more on this transaction than we ever anticipated, and we were really put to the test to get this transaction in escrow and keep it together despite the above.

Even with over 12 years of experience, I learn something new about people and selling real estate every time. I love the challenges, I love helping my clients and I'm still obsessed with real estate after all these years.  

Contact me if you would like to... buy a home... sell your property... invest in real estate. I would love to help you as your Realtor! 

Realtor David Bramante
BRE Investment