How can BRE Investment, founded in Echo Park 2005, responsibly shape its business around the sensitivities of gentrification? Since our real estate team is the top investment realty company on the Eastside, we're asking the community to weigh in on this controversial topic. Please read below and take our survey. 


Gentrification is a process of renovation and revival of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by means of influx of more affluent residents, which results in increased property values and the displacing of lower-income families and small businesses. This is a common and controversial topic in urban planning. Gentrification may be viewed as a "correction" of blockbusting and urban flight, as many gentrified neighborhoods of the present were once affluent neighborhoods of the past.


  • Wikipedia's general page on "Gentrification":  Click here
  • Washington Post's article titled "Five myths about Gentrification": Click here



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