• Neutra Office Building (map)
  • 2379 Glendale Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90039
  • United States

My name is Heather Lowe. This project will help realize the lenticular work that I have been working on for over ten years. I am at the point where I have many small works that would benefit by being larger. I am hoping to make a series of large lenticulars, three of which I have already completed. The series is titled “Rotations.” I am interested in how we perceive movement and the relationship between natural and mechanical motion. Variations of line and color make an ever-changing form which is exciting to me. I study dance movements, waterwheels, acrobats and other spinning phenomenon. Lenticulars are essentially made by laminating a print to a ribbed lens. In making many layers of images, one can create the illusion of movement or 3D. I have dabbled in 3D, two-sided flips and other techniques. These new pieces are created with animated figure drawings and some animated digital images.