• Neutra Office Building (map)
  • 2379 Glendale Boulevard
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90039
  • United States

Shula Singer Arbel is a Los Angeles artist working in acrylic and mixed media.  Her work is a fusion of abstract, representational and graphic images; a flattening of form mixed with painterly surfaces.  Her paintings combine the rationality of structure with the expressiveness and eccentricity of intuition.  Color and pattern are the dominant forces informing her work.

Shula was born in Israel and moved to Los Angeles at the age of three.  She received a MFA degree from UCLA in Film Production and worked in the film industry as an editor, writer and researcher.  Shula was the first recipient of the Barbra Streisand screenwriting award.  She wrote and directed short films before leavingthe business to teach and raise a family.  She is now a full-time artist and a member of Los Angeles Art Association, Women Painters West and Jewish Artists Initiative.  Shula received the Best of Show Award for the 2010 Gold Medal Exhibition at Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA).