Mission Statement

David Bramante's mission, along with his team BRE Investment, is to provide excellent realty services to property owners, helping them to sell their properties at record prices with easy escrows, while at the same time creating positive change.

    Housing Issues

    The following issues, which come up often during our real estate transactions in the communities we work in are challenging topics, and we constantly engage in conversations about these housing issues to better understand them and to more respectfully serve our landlord-clients and the other parties involved in our transactions.

    Please visit our Survey section to participate in our community outreach. Here are the most pressing housing issues facing local Realtors, landlords and tenants on the Eastside:

    • Architectural Preservation (and Historic Preservation Overlay Zones) - We believe that architecture is a beautiful aspect of any city's history, especially LA's, and that it's important to protect those most important artworks of the community for future generations. But with that said, we believe preservation should be thoughtful and logical, and not misused to limit property owners' rights.

    • Development (and Small Lot Subdivision (Townhome) Ordinance) - We believe that development should be thoughtful and respectful of its surroundings, while at the same time allowing for the maximum respectful amount of housing possible. We want our neighborhoods to maintain the visual and communal characteristics its residents love, while at the same time alleviating the intense pressure and competition renters and buyers face.

    • Gentrification (and Eviction and Voluntary Vacates) - This is the most controversial and emotionally charged issue we deal with, and we approach this topic on a situation to situation basis. However, we do believe that there can and must be a balance between the rights of owners and the rights of tenants, starting with mutual respect for one another's rights and outlook. When appropriate, we strongly recommend that developers offer a minimum of $30K or $1,500 per year of tenancy (whichever is greater) during Voluntary Vacate conversations (aka "cash for keys"). No tenant should be bullied out of their rent-controlled apartments. 

    • Affordable Housing (and Homelessness) - We believe that those who work hard and contribute to society should never find themselves without affordable housing. While this may be the most complex issue we deal with in Los Angeles (with the homeless population possibly the highest of any metropolitan area), we believe that a stronger and more inclusive economy would create the right opportunities for tenants and buyers to have greater purchasing power. More jobs, and higher paying jobs should solve this issue... but until that day comes, real estate developments should include a percentage affordable housing at their projects (as most already do), and our company and our colleagues must donate to non-profits at the front lines of this issue.  

    our actions

    • All decisions made by BRE Investment are made in the context of the housing issues. We must strive to do no harm whenever possible. Our acts should serve to decrease the problem. Our activities will be under constant evaluation and re-assessment as we seek constant improvement. 

    • Maximum attention is given to service quality for our landlord-clients, as defined by honesty, transparency, responsiveness, professionalism, and results.

    • The board and management recognize that successful communities are part of a sustainable society. We consider ourselves to be an integral part of the communities in which we work and live, that also includes our employees' communities.

    • Landlord's property rights exist and they should be respected, while at the same time tenants' rights should be well publicized and respected as well. Activists and City officials should create spaces of dialogue to allow both landlords and tenants to communicate and work together for the betterment of society, one community at a time.

    • All properties should be habitable, professionally managed, eco-friendly, and well designed, respecting the architecture and community that it is located in. 

    • As Realtors, we believe it's our moral responsibility to give back to the very communities that have supported us and allowed our business to expand. Because of this fundamental belief, we donate 5% of our net profits to local and active non-profit organizations dealing with housing issues, specifically affordable housing. We ask that our colleagues donate at least 1% of their net profits to help the communities which they serve as well. Find out more about our corporate donations and sponsorships here.