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Dear MUSE Parents,

Over the last several weeks, we’ve discussed an awesome idea with one of the MUSE School directors, Matt Cordish, and we're excited to announce it to you today! 

Since our daughter is a 2nd year student, we want to help contribute to the MUSE community. This means we're having our company, BRE Investment, help raise funds for the Annual Fund by donating a large portion of its commissions.

Our goal is to make a huge positive impact on the school's programs and shorten the length of the donation drive. We are offering a combined discount and donation in the amount of 20% to any MUSE parent and his/her referral.

This is how it works:

  • Discount. We will discount our commission by 10% to the client, during escrow, and...

  • Donate. We will make a 10% charitable donation directly to the  School, after escrow closes.

This newly coined BRE + MUSE Parent Program is totally inline with our company's belief system, as our team has always supported children’s educational programs. 

Please support this partnership... because we really want to make the school a better place for all the kids!

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David + Amanda Bramante
(213) 216-3754 (Mobile - text or call)
David (at)

Questions? ask muse.

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Matt Cordish
Director, MUSE School
(818) 880-5437 (Office)

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