Case study one. 

A woman sells her tiny home in Echo Park to avoid foreclosure.

1036 Laguna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sold for $705K. This was a record price per square foot in Echo Park, weighing in around $1K/SF.

Our team BRE Investment took an expired listing with over $100K in deferred maintenance, which was originally listed for $500K with another broker, and re-vamped the marketing and sold the property for $205K higher than our competitor.

Our client cashed-out and avoided foreclosure with Chase Bank, which had filed Notice of Default and was preparing a Notice of Sale.

The problem solved: "Chase bank is going to foreclose on me any day."

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Case study two.

A Couple sells their 1920s Home in Echo Park.

1466 Allison Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Sold for $1.175M. This was a record price for an Echo Park home.

Our team took this property, which was involved in a divorce and a bankruptcy, and quickly vacated the tenants by negotiating a cash-for-keys agreement, and sold the property to an investor from NorCal.

The sellers finalized their divorce and the husband finalized his bankruptcy because of this sale.

The problem solved: "We need to finalize our divorce and his bankruptcy ASAP."

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